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Crossword Puzzles

Test your aviation knowledge with some fun and challenging airplane crossword puzzles.

Word Seek

See if you can find the aviation words in the exciting word seek puzzles.


Test your concentration and learn about aviation with the intense aviation cryptograms.

Pilot Humor

Enjoy witty aviation humor throughout the entire book!

Download the book in PDF format or get the hard copy. Over 60 aviator puzzles!

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Aviation Crossword Puzzles

All of the crossword aviation puzzles are challenging even for veterans of crosswords! All of the airplane puzzles use actual aviation and airplane terminology.

  1. Real Aviation & Airplane Terminology

  2. 14 Challenging Crossword Puzzles

Free Sample Crossword Puzzle

Complete Crossword Puzzle Pack ($2.49)

Aviator Word Seek

Test your word seek and aviation knowledge. All of the airplane puzzles involve real aviator terminology.

  1. Real Aviation & Airplane Terminology

  2. 25 Word Seek Puzzles

Free Sample Word Seek Puzzle

Complete Word Seek Puzzle Pack ($2.49)

Cryptograms & Misc Airplane Puzzles

This pack includes a variety of other puzzles such as Cryptograms, Fallen Phrases, Crazy Mazes, Find the Differences, Letter Tiles and more!

  1. Cryptogram Airplane Puzzles

  2. Aviation Humor with graphics and pilot jokes

Free Sample Puzzle

Complete Misc Puzzle Pack ($2.49)